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About the LGBTQ Student Alliance

The Purdue LGBTQ Student Alliance (formerly Purdue Queer Student Union), founded in May 2003, serves as the umbrella organization and point of contact for the LGBTQ community of Purdue University. We strive to promote a sense of unity in a comfortable and secure atmosphere and attend to the social, emotional, and political needs of the LGBTQ and otherwise queer population.

The organization also seeks to provide such services as advocacy, information, referrals, and general support to its members and also the greater community. LGBTQ students, faculty, staff, friends, allies, and community members are welcome. Throughout each semester, the Alliance and its constituent organizations host several events, including coffee and game nights, picnics, dances, and other social and service events.

But, most of all, the LGBTQ Student Alliance offers students a great place to make new friends with the bonus of a safe place to hang out, relax, and/or study between classes.

The Alliance is committed to goals that serve the LGBTQIA community at Purdue as a whole. The Alliance hopes to create a safe environment for all at Purdue and the greater Lafayette area.

We are located on campus in Stewart Center (STEW) G20

Contact Us:
Sara Carvell

Brit Hemphill

Vice Preseident:
Deedra Stevenson

Payton Magnuson


Technology Chair:
Emily Rames

Public Relations Chair:

Jordan Webb

Social Chair:
James Parkinson

Activism Chair:
Ethan Lautenschlager

Frequency Asked Questions:

Can I join the Alliance if I am straight?
Absolutely! The LGBTQ Student Alliance does not discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation. We currently and in the past have had both straight members and executive officers.

Will I be outed if I join the Alliance?
The Alliance is very sensitive to and is diligent about maintaining the confidentiality of its members. The list of voting members is confidential, the email list is confidential, and the Alliance avoids revealing the identity of its members.

Are there membership costs?
No. The Alliance refuses to charge dues because of the nature of the organization. It is free to participate in and become a member of the Alliance.

How do I file a Hate and/or Bias report?
If you feel that you have been a victim of a bias related incident please report it online here.

How do I become a member of the Alliance?
Join the email list, Facebook group, or follow us on Twitter. If you want to be able to run for officer positions or vote in elections, you must be a Purdue student and attend at least three Alliance general meetings. Membership is completely confidential.

How do I get involved with the Alliance?
You can get involved in the Alliance in several ways! Join the email list, Facebook group, or follow us on Twitter. Also, attend our events, visit our location in Stewart (STEW) G20, or come to our general meetings!

Do I have to be out to get involved with the Alliance?
The Alliance tries to keeps its membership confidential, and is committed to serving the out, closeted, and allied populations on campus.

What other resources are available at Purdue University?
There are many other groups that you can be involved with and a number of offices, centers, and organizations that provide resources at Purdue University. Please visit our resources page for a list of just a few of the resources on campus.

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